Day 24

“I’ll see you all in the morning. I have to gather supplies and churn out a plan,” Perceval said. He padded up to Lila. “Young lady, will you need anything?” He blinked and tried to smile, but only achieved showing off his multitudes of needle teeth. Lila felt the urge to run. Many sharp teeth were usually a no in her book, but the fox creature was so sweet and kind. The complete opposite of Tipper and Ginger. Lila leaned over and patted the fox creature on his head.

“I don’t need anything, Percy. Thank you for offering.” And for good measure, she tilted over to hug the fox. She heard him emit a sound of confusion but was not worried. His tail was wagging happily just like a dog’s.

All night, Alastair stared at his room’s ceiling covered in murals just like everywhere else in the palace. There were three beds prepared for the boys, and he wondered if the original plan had been to give them a room each only to wonder if separating all of the children would distress them, therefore combining three beds into one room. Either way, he would not have been able to sleep. Tipper was not making a sound in his bed, and so Alastair had assumed that the kitsune was asleep. Zane was cutting logs by the time his head hit the pillow. Alastair could not, would not sleep.

What were his mother and father thinking about right now? We’re they worried about missing two of their only children? Alastair hated to be the cause of his parents’ pain. Would his father have burnt the tortes her promised the children when they got back in order to search for them instead? Did his mother take off from the job that she had worked so hard to obtain? Had Alastair ruined his family’s entire life just because he wanted to show off the waterfall that turned out not be so special after all? The boy blinked away tears and rolled around in the comfy bed similar to what one would find on Earth. The only difference lay within the texture of the blankets and pillows. We’re they more earthy? Planty? It didn’t matter right then.

Alastair hoped out of bed. He was wearing a green tunic that served as a warm set of pajamas. Won chose well in lending the boys these cloths. Alastair tip toed to the door and cracked it open. He didn’t intend on leaving the bedroom, yet he could not sleep. Would there be any harm in walking the palace’s hallways? The purple lights along the walls had been dimmed in order to simulate the night. Alastair wished that he could conjure a flame just like Tipper, only with better control. Oh, and not to show off. There was nothing else to do in the bedroom. He took the plunge and walked out.

The boy wandered around the palace for a good five minutes. He excavated his bedroom’s floor which only contained guest suites. He traversed down a flight, passing the room where they spoke with the Elder. There were spaces dedicated to art and maps and some odd stones, but nothing really interesting. Alastair descended to the last floor.

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