Day 26

“There can be plenty done without magic. But if it is magic you are after…Dear Alastair, have you not yet noticed? You have been using magic this entire time.”

“What?” Alastair lifted his hands to examine them. Nothing changed. There were no glowing flames. Just the scar left on his thumb from playing with his mother’s letter opener when he was seven.
“You are speaking to me, are you not?”

“Yes, but…” And then it dawned on Alastair. The answer to Zane’s question. Why could they talk to these kitsunes in perfect English? “Oh.”

“One of the advantages for humans visiting Soielle was their ability to understand any Soielle language as if that language was their own, and communicate back in much the same way. The same cannot be said for Soielle citizens visiting Earth.”

“Why did you have to seal away Soielle from humans?” Alastair looked about him. All of the Elder’s paintings indicated a level mastery that no human could encompass within his limited time lifespan. All this and the fact that the Elder painted such fine and delicate strokes with fire without sketching his subjects first. For humans to be denied such wonders was a sad fate indeed. But then he thought of how many humans there were and how tiny the Earth was. Pretty soon, humans would overload the place they called home, choking the planet that gave birth to them, delivering death. Alastair knew in his heart why Soielle cast out humans. The Elder saw the array of emotions the played out on the boy’s face and smiled sadly.

“Humans are indeed a powerful and destructive species once they put their minds to it. They can do vast good, and on the other side of the coin, terrible evils—whether they mean to our not. There were many children like you who once walked this realm, grew up here, and learned the art of magic that they could not wield on in their homeland of Earth. They became too powerful, too strong, and rampant. Yes, we have our tyrants here. Everyone does. And yet the Queen’s father decreed that all humans be banished from Soielle to avoid the destruction that will surely befall your world someday.”

“So we can do magic here?” Alastair solemnly asked. He didn’t really want to talk about the darkness that lay within the minds of the sentient. He wanted to think of the good and the kind.

“Yes. You do have the potential. Only the queen can guess as to what specifically speaks to you.”

“What do you mean?”

“I am a Kitsune. I was born with fire. The Lived Beings are born with luck and longevity. The Umpyres are gifted with revitalization. The Meerfolk command the waters, Valkrye the lightning, and so on. Human are special here in which they may have the choice of what magic they can utilize although they do have a stronger affinity towards certain elements.”

“Woah, really? Truly?”

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