Day 27

“It is true. Although, I haven’t a foggiest in what you would find yourself attuned to. The Queen is special because she is born with the Sight.”

“The Sight as in seeing the future? Like, Cassandra in the battle of Troy?” Alastair was proud of himself for getting through the entire tomb of the ancient story. There were angry gods and goddesses in the novel using the humans as their pawns, and poor Cassandra would not be heard by any of the lot when she told them of their futures.

“In a sense. Perhaps she can explain better…”
“Have you met the Queen before?”

“Oh yes. Yes I have.”

Alastair dangled his feet over his seat. Half of him was unconvinced that he could wield magic. The other half was so excited that he wanted to run up to Gabbie and tell her that she may be able to see mermaids after all if she was able to control the water. Alastair had completely forgotten about his woes, and as such, he felt the pull of sleep tug at the corners of his eyes.

“Ah, there we are. I guarantee anyone that if they speak with me long enough, I’ll bore them to sleep.” The Elder chuckled to himself and gestured at the doorway. With a start, Alastair noticed that Won had been there all along. He, too, was smiling at Alastair.

“Come now, Elder. You are not that boring. He didn’t fall asleep immediately like the others.”

“You slay me, Won. Now if you would. Can you take the young man back to his room to rest? The next two days will be as confusing to him as they will be exciting. We need him in tip top shape when the time comes for him to leave.”

“Yessir,” Won bowed. The butler took sleepy boy’s hand. Alastair waved at the Elder, and the old man waved back. Won visited the kitchens were the maid from before gave Alastair a cup of something that tasted like warm, sweetened milk. She patted his head and then Won and him were off to the dreamy room where Zane and Tipper still lay sleeping.

“Good night, Young Master. Know that the staff of the palace and myself are always here to help.” Won bowed, ruffling his impeccable black hair.

“Thank you, Won. You’ve all been so nice.” Alastair felt his eyes burn. He rubbed at them with the heels of his hands. “Thank you.”

The two days passed by quickly. Alastair could barely catch up with everything new that he was learning. Tipper sat the company down in the big room where they had first spoken with the Elder discussing maps and the route that they planned to take. He assured them that he was avoiding the truly dangerous areas of Soielle, but failed to voice everyone else’s thoughts—if they weren’t truly dangerous, what were the places that possibly were? Perceval tried to teach the children about the different animals and plants that they may encounter, but it was difficult to learn of animals from a talking animal, even if he was in another time, human looking.

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