Day 28

Not to mention, the peoples of the kitsune village were curious. Who were these young children who resembled Lived Beings? Some of the older generation opening watched the children as they tagged along with Perceval or Won. They would bend to whisper in each other’s ears, their eyes frightened and concerned. The younger kitsunes smiled and waved. Gabbie always waved back and had somehow learned at least half of the village by name in those two days. There was no time for the children to talk everything out alone. If Perceval wasn’t in their vicinity, then Tipper and Won had monopoly over their time. They had to learn, they had to understand, and they had to be tough. By the time night had graced the land of Soielle, the children were far too tired to even speak. If they so much as touch a bed, they were sound asleep soon after.

When the dawn of the day they were meant to set off filtered through their bed chambers, Alastair and Zane snuck into the girl’s room to talk and have a chance to be themselves without other’s judgement.

“Do we really have to go? What if there was a way back where we came from all along?” Ginger asked. She was playing around with her cell phone that her parents gave to their three children to use in the case of emergencies. Ginger would instead install romance games that required her to log in everyday to obtain a new gift for her avatar. She was on a year long streak of log ins, and she was very proud to have lasted as long as she did. Now she tapped at the screen where she knew that not even a trace of a signal could be found. Ginger knew that she should save the batter life, it was at 75 percent because she turned it off the first day in Soielle, but she couldn’t shake the feeling that something important may occur if the phone was on.

“It’s the only way. We don’t know this place. These people do. If they say we need to see a Queen, then we see a Queen,” Gabbie replied. She sat at the bedroom’s window, watching as the multitude of furry ears and fluffy tails marched around to purchase food and trinkets and spoke kindly to comrades. Gabbie’s mouth pulled up in amusement. Her hair turned a bright magenta under the purple fires around the room.

“You’re right,” Alastair said. “But!” He added before Ginger could berate him again for always agreeing with Gabbie, “it’s also a reason to be cautious. We don’t know this place and they do. We can’t fully trust them yet. What if they knowingly send us somewhere where we can get hurt? You saw those older kitsunes. They don’t like us because we’re human.” Alastair summed up his visit with the Elder. It was the first time he got the chance to rely the information. “I didn’t have time to tell you all yet.”

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