Month 1 Completed

Well, would you look at that? I’ve actually finished one month of writing 500 words a day…more or less. It’s funny what a little bit of motivation can do (ahem, turning thirty at the end of the year.)

To be honest, I didn’t know what I wanted to write for this challenge, especially since I knew that this book would be the book I would want to publish. Funny, huh? I have so many ideas rolling around my head that sometimes I need to just write for three or four days straight to get them out, and then I feel better. That’s why I’ve never really finished anything.

This story in particular is all unplanned. They all popped into existence, and I really don’t know where the story is ultimately find them. That’s something I don’t do. I always plan, plan, and plan. Seeing as that never got me a finished manuscript, I knew I had to change up my writing process. If I don’t plan ahead and just focus on tiny chunks of the story, then I won’t burn myself out from an idea.

As such, I may mess around with names of places or change something up completely once I take a look at the story as a whole. For now, this new process has been working! I am now at 16k. I’ve written more than 16k in less than a month before for fanfiction. I once wrote a fanfiction that was 110k! Again, that won’t get published, will it? I got to 60k for my own original concept, but by the time I at last got there, my ideas rom fifteen years ago had been told by others with more creativity to them. So, I say 16k of my own story in a month is a great, great, start.

I hope to be writing something happy and good by the end of February as well. I am not going to stop this blog until I get to the end of this story. Looking at the last post, they just left to begin their quest. Actually, there isn’t really a quest yet, so…yeah, this may take awhile. That’s fine! Bring it on.

Thank you to anyone who may be reading this. I promise you, I’m going to finish what I started for the first time in my life!

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