Day 36

“Oh my gosh, what was that?” Ginger gasped. She still hovered near Tipper, and she scooted closer after those terrifying wails tore through the previously dim forest.

Alastair wiped his mouth with the sleeve of his tunic. He felt as though he ran three miles around the track behind his school. That track was nothing to laugh about. The thing went clear over a hill about three quarters through, pushing the students to their limit until the very end. He had just overcome a mind blasting ordeal, and now he had to sort through what in the word those screeches belonged to. Friend or foe? Alastair didn’t know much about the creatures that lived in Soielle. He heard about deerne and those others Tipper talked about his people dispatching when they fulfilled their prophecies. He never actually saw or heard any. If he had to throw a guess into the wind, those screeches and yells were not from an animal’s throat. They sound too human, or rather, whatever passed as humanoid here.

“Huddle closer guys. Alastair, you, too.” Tipper waved the boy over. “Come on, Percy.”

“One last bite. Can’t let this whole forest burn up.”

“Too late for that.”

Tipper was right. What Perceval had not eaten was already spreading fast. Far too fast for the tiny fox to keep up with. A stinky yellow smoke wafted from the golden flames and merged with the returning blue fog, clashing and becoming a pasty green ooze. The mixture stunk like cat urine fermenting underneath wooden panels. Zane coughed and covered his nose. Gabbie’s eyes watered.

“We have to get out of here. Get your stuff.” Perceval darted to their now wrecked and singed camps, clamping his jaws over a few of the packs. Ginger surprisingly sprinted after Perceval and gathered the rest of the scattered items to her chest. The two quickly dispersed the belongings and soon the company ran in the opposite direction of the blazing forest fire.

“H-h-hey! There’s, there’s something behind us!” Zane puffed.

“Really?” Tipper peeked over his shoulder. “Er, go, go, go! Don’t look back. Just run, right kids?”

And there Tipper did the one thing one should never attempt to do with children under any circumstance. He told them not to do something, Naturally, there urge to do the complete opposite of what they were instructed nibbled at their curiosity like seething bot flies. Gabbie was the first to look at what Tipper was clearly frightened of. She let out a ripping yelp. Lila was next until all of the children had seen the three shadowy figures behind the curtain of blue fog, yellow smoke, and green sludge careening over in their direction.

“That’s why I told you not to looook!” Tipper yelled.

“What are they? Are they after us?” Lila hiccuped.

“Your guess is as good as mine.”

“They might just be running away from the fire like us,” Alastair cough. His throat tasted smoky.

“I hope so, kid,” Tipper muttered.

“Heeeeey! Heeey, yooouuu!” Shouted someone from behind them.

“Eeek! They’re calling out to us!” Ginger gasped.

“Who are?”

“The things chasing us!”

“The people running from the fire.”

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