Day 41

“Every Lived Being and every pet of a Lived Being were currently missing in action. All except the farm animals left in their open stalls, which was very perplexing, let me tell you.

It was certain now, no matter how much I wanted to avoid it. Remember when you asked what type of magic Lived Beings had? True, we live very, very long lives, but there’s something else. Every Lived Being found themselves at a Crisis Point in their long lives, and it just so happened that I had been introduced to mine. I was only irritated that when I met my Crisis Point face to face, that it had to be so terribly…momentous.”

“Crisis Point?” Alastair mused. “What are those?”

“She’s getting to it. It’s funny how dramatic she gets her voice for this part,” Glue Pot explained with a wide grin on his face.

“I liked Pottestowne. In fact, all the residents of Pottestowne loved their hiding space between two mountains crowned with ice lovingly named This and That. The valley blocked access from most of the world’s outside badness. Wars, famine, junk mail, all of which Pottestowne was swiftly tucked away. Of course, there were other Lived Beings spread out across the vastness of Soielle. Those were the ones who were dealing with their own Crisis Point or the ones who merely gave up and sprouted miniature Pottestownes. My own parents were lost to me when they were summoned to their joint Crisis Point and never came back. But the valley, the original valley, was generally agreed to be the creme de la creme.

I enjoyed the ringa red trees sprinkled with jade green leaves. All of the berries grown in Lived Being soil were A-grade and were produced nearly twice their original sizes. Everyone was generally happy with not a day going by where there was a citizen beaming from content. Days could be slept in. Nights were an adventure. Happiness lay upon them like a hazy drug. And yes, this meant that Lived Beings actually were, indeed, boring creatures. I admit it.”

“Wait, so a Crisis Point is like Tipper’s prophecy, right?” Alastair insisted. “He got a prophecy that he was going to meet up with us and protect us until we got home.”

“We are not the same as Lived Beings!” Tipper gasped. “Absolutely not!” He swiped his hands in the air. At this point, Digitalis had been shaken out of her story telling reverie.

“Most certainly not! Kitsune have unpleasant circumstances bestowed upon them the very minute they are born. They then have to live up to those high expectations or be considered failures if they botch their own prophecy.”

“Yes!” Tipper nodded, but then his golden eyes popped open. “No!” He pointed a finger at Digitalis who stared the finger down like it was a bug beneath her noticing. “We are different from Lived Beings because we at least know what is expected from us. Nearly all of us manage to complete our prophecies. Lived Beings have no clue what they’re doing with their Crisis Points. They wander around willy nilly until they get lost and give up.”

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