Day 42

“I’ll have you know” Digitalis growled, “That some of the best known adventurers and heroes are Lived Beings! Have you heard of Bernard the Beast? Yeah? He was a Lived Being.”

“He was also half elf!” Tipper shot back. “Come to think of it, could you be half elf?” Tipper slyly narrowed his eyes as if he knew he were digging into the Lived Being’s hard exterior, chipping away at her patience.

“I’m not an elf!” She punctuated her fury with a foot stomp. “I’m not anywhere near part of those silly creature’s family. With their favors and tricks.” She rubbed her arms. “And they have that weird, sparkly gray skin. As you can see, mine is not sparkly and not gray.”

“Lived Beings don’t like being called elves,” Glue Pot explained to the children. “Elves are tricksters. They love giving out favors, but then the favors usually blow up in the recipient’s faces”

“So, elves aren’t pretty? I thought that elves were supposed to be pretty.” Gabbie stared up at the centaur. He smiled down at her.

“Where have you been? Everyone in Soielle should have met at least one trickster elf in their lifetime.” Glue Pot tilted his head to one side. “Hmn. Now that I think on it, you’re not Kitsune. You’re not Lived Beings or elves. You’re not anything I can think of.”

“Umm, Miss Digitalis, can you finish your story?” Lila asked, cutting off Glue Pot’s question. She tugged on the Lived Being’s tunic.

“Oh,” Digitalis squeaked. She was too busy growling at Tipper like a bear and didn’t notice the little girl’s approach. “Well, there’s nothing much left to tell. Glue Pot here wandered into Pottstown because his friends and family from the Seven Isles disappeared like mine. We decided to join our efforts and visit the Queen to tell her of the news. Maybe she’ll find a way to bring everybody back. We’ve been walking for about a week with nothing of much import occurring until that Batal popped up and scared us. Then those fireballs saved the day and the rest is history.”

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