Just an Aside

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve been enjoying the story so far. I still have no name for the book yet, so it’s been under “story” this entire time. Haha!

Right now, I’ve been editing the first 30 pages and fixing up any inconsistencies. That means making character and area charts from what I’ve had down so far.

I think the most interesting aspect of writing 500 words a day is that I feel like the characters are taking so long in getting where I want them to be, but when I read what I have so far, everything is flowing pretty smoothly. They’ve been in Soielle for almost four days, but I’ve been at this for almost two months! So, wow. The book is going to be a lot longer than I first anticipated.

I usually listen to my books. My mom got me into audiobooks from a pretty young age. I can’t remember a time where I wasn’t listening to a book to fill in the silences of my life. Right now, I’m listening to an adult fantasy book. One of my favorites! Because I like audiobooks so much, I feel like if I could get someone to read what I have so far for my own book, I would be able to edit the manuscript better. My favorite readers would have to be Jenny Sterlin and Jim Dale. There are a few others, too. I would be overly honored to have those guys read what I have!

Anyway, I just wanted to touch base. Getting close to ending month number two. I’m excited to bring on month number three. How many months will it take to finish my book? Who knows. That’s half the fun!

See you all tomorrow for day 49!

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