Show and Tell

I thought that I should share a little bit of myself with you all since I think I’ll be on here for a while yet. (Almost two months in and my characters aren’t even where I want them to be in the story yet, ha!) In any case, this is me.

I am a 29-year-old who looks like I should be 14. You may think that this is beneficial. Indeed, it will be when I’m older and wiser. As of now, my physical appearance is a curse more of than a gift. It’s difficult trying to be taken seriously, especially when my voice and gestures sound and look like a teenager’s. This alone has made me realize how much teenagers (the real ones) aren’t really treated with respect when respect is due.

I’ve always thought that Young Adult literature and by proxy, Children’s literature, is a great way in treating your audience with the intelligence they deserve. I’ve idolized those with the idea that when writing YA and Children’s literature, there’s no need to dumb anything down. C.S. Lewis, Roald Dahl, and J.K. Rowling treat their audience with the utmost respect. They don’t downplay the harsh worlds they’ve created. They expect the readers to learn and grow from the words they provide. Isn’t that why their novels are so beloved? Because in the end, the children become adults who reread their childhood favorites and still find that spark of entertainment they once held so long ago.

Oh my, here I said I would talk about myself and I off and go on a tangent. I guess this would be a great opportunity to segway into a few of my goals. You all already know that I am going to finish this still nameless book. That’s for certain. I am also taking online classes to become a librarian. I already have a Master’s degree in English. Unfortunately, that hasn’t taken me to where I really wanted to be. I know becoming a Youth librarian is more up my alley. One of my favorite authors, Clare B. Dunkle, used to be a librarian before she wrote her best selling novel, The Hollow Kingdom. 

By the way, are there any fans of Clive Barker’s Abaratseries? I am in love with those books, and the fan base is so little that I feel a bit alone in rooting for the protagonist, Candy.

Well, that’s it for now. I may do more of these ramblings later. I found that just writing something for myself is very exhilerating. Thanks to everyone who has liked and followed my progress. Your support means a lot to me. See you tomorrow for day 55!

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