Audiobook Talk-Frostfire

So, I listen to a bunch of audiobooks that I get from I am usually listening to something every day. When I have reading homework for class, I usually attempt to find the material on Audible so that I can listen to it. Hey, it’s a busy 40 hour work week plus being a full time student! I gotta get my literature in!

I recently finished listening to Frostfire by Amanda Hocking. I loved Ms. Hocking’s Tylle series, seeing as it was already up my alley where a heroine gets together with an anti hero. You barely get something like that nowadays, or…any days? Anyway! I really wanted to like the first book in the Kanin series as well. The set up was great. A backstabbing guard named Konstantin Black. An outsider tracker called Brynn Aven. The forbidden love interest, Ridley Dresden. Hey. As long as there are no love triangles, I’m good. (Please, PLEASE no love triangles!)

Or so I thought.

It’s difficult to like a book when the main character is hard to connect with. She says that she’ll never be in a relationship, but then she admits that she is in love. She says that she wants nothing more than to straight up murder someone, and then she actually really doesn’t want to. She wants to be smooched, and then the smooch is a mistake. I can’t read you, Brynn!

I am also not completely sure about Ridley. Is he a good love interest or isn’t he? I can’t tell. Same with Konstantin Black. Evil? Not evil? Chaotic good, neutral, so on? I can’t get a read on these characters, and at times it got pretty frustrating. I actually had to skip a little bit of a scene where Brynn goes over the top with one of her friends just because she doesn’t know whether to be for relationships or against them.

The pacing was a little slow. We stay in one spot for almost the entire book before we kind of meander to another place where the characters just kind of…hover around a bit. And the ending just kind of, err, ends. Just like that. I felt like the book was in mid sentence and that the recording had just dropped off.

As for the recording, the narrator did a wonderful job. I had fun listening to her interesting accent that seemed to match what the Kanin are supposed to sound like.

I’m not going to give out any stars or ratings. I just wanted to talk about the book as a sort of release of thoughts. I’ll probably do that from now on with what I’m listening to. All in all, I did enjoy listening to Frostfire. I wasn’t as satisfied with it as I was with the first Trylle book, but it was still engaging enough to finish.

Eh, what the heck! I’ll give the book something. I give this book…umm, a passable listen medal! Haha.

(PS: I’m still going to finish this series. I can’t just leave it alone!)

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