Day 73

“Yeah?” The younger girl replied. She gingerly rolled to her side and sat up.

“Are you okay?”

“As much as someone who just got wings can be okay.” Lila brushed off dust and dirt from her face and then stood up to inspect her new wings. They looked like how she always imagined wings on a Pegasus— feathers as delicate as ice cream shavings yet able to bear the weight of the flier. Lila wondered if they would flap on her command. She saw in her mind’s eye the image of her brand new wings taking one measured FLAP.

“You’re doing that?” Silverskin asked in amazement.

“I think I am!” Lila cheered. She then remembered what was going on around her. There was some sort of monster crawling from the lake right for the people of Rockestel. There was a magical wall that popped right from the ground like magic holding the monster off. There was no one who would open the secret rock outcropping door for Silverskin and Gabbie. It was time for her to do something about that. “Come on! Hold my hands and I’ll fly us back up to Ali!”

“Lila, we’re too heavy. You might have wings, but they’re not super muscle wings,” Gabbie pointed out.

“I might be able to fix that,” Silverskin said after a moment’s pause. “I can’t use my air magic to lift or drop us, but I can make us a little lighter so Lila can support our weight.”

“No! Don’t want to strain her and get her hurt!” Gabbie said.

“There’s not much choice. You’ll have to trust both of us,” Lila said. She snatched Gabbie’s hand and, with a little hesitation, grabbed Silverskin’s hand as well. “I see why Momma birds kick their babies out of the nest. They get a hands on lesson on flying, and I think I got mine.”

“If you say so,” Gabbie sighed.

Lila made her wings flap, flap, and flap again. Normally, taking off right away wouldn’t have been possible. However, Silverskin not only put his energy towards making Gabbie and himself light, he also funneled some of that power into Lila. The sensation was odd, as if she’d been hollowed out and replaced with soothing air. Lila smiled as the three children sprung from the ground and up into the whistling air. Gabbie held onto Lila tightly with both hands.

“I’ve always wanted to do this!” Silverskin hooted. “I’ve never been powerful enough to fly around like you are, Little Lila!”

“I’m not little!” Lila called out even though she was secretly flattered.

Soon, the three heard the yell and cheers from the magical warriors standing at their posts, gaping at them openly. Two familiar calls were the only ones they cared about. Alastair and Adriei. Lila pushed herself yo fly up just a little bit more and sighed with relief when they located the ledge her brother stood waving his arms at. The girl landed messily on the ledge and released the other two. She had completely drained herself. The wings on her shoes shattered and disappeared.

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