Day 74

“Lila! Gabbie!” Alastair bolted and hooked his arms around the two girls. “I thought you were all gone! If it wasn’t for…” Alastair pulled away and looked at his sister. “What was that, anyway?”

“Have to discuss what happened later,” Adriei said. “Have to evacuate NOW!” Adriei picked up Gabbie and Lila, and nodded at the two boys. “Follow me. I know the way” The Royal Guard loped away leaving the boys no time to dawdle.

The hallways were now crowded with terrified elves. The young children clutched their mothers and fathers with frightened brown and gold eyes. They quaked and stumbled and blocked the footpaths. Other elves insisted on carrying bags and bags full of precious rocks, gems, and mentos. They crashed against their neighbors unapologetically. One of those elves nearly trampled a mother and her two babies. Adriei grabbed the collar of the elf’s tunic.


“What for? If they can’t keep up, that’s not my problem,” the defiant elf answered.

“It is my problem. And if it’s my problem, then it is also the Queen Inana’s problem.”

“Q-Queen Inana?!” The elf studied Adriei more closely and squeaked. “O-oh! Sorry missus! I didn’t mean it! Here!” The elf dropped his bags of gems, bowed, and then scurried off. The mother elf said thank you to Adriei and turned to keep walking. She left the bag of gems laying on its side where the original owner left it.

“Woah. How powerful is the Queen?” Gabbie wondered out loud.

“Very.” Adriei’s eyes wandered over Gabbie, Lila, and Alastair. There was a slight frown curled on their lips that made Alastair feel a little uneasy. Too much had happened for the children to take the time and carefully dissect. The Elder told Alastair that humans were adept at magic in Soille, and the children had carefully listened. That didn’t mean they fully believed the Elder’s claims. Yes, Alastair was able to use the Fire Gems, but that was because the Elder had infused the gems with fire power. What occurred on the cliff side was something that came from Alastair and Lila. They still couldn’t truly believe that what happened was truly reality. For now, they had to tuck away their disbelief.

“There they are!” Came a bellow from further beyond. Alastair knew who that was.

“Ginger!” Gabbie yelped. She wiggled out of Adriei’s grasp and landed on the floor like a cat. She raced after Ginger’s voice and for a second, Alastair thought that they lost her in the crowd. But then the elves parted and he could see the sisters hugging. And then he could see Ginger shaking Gabbie by the shoulders with a wild fierceness in her hazel eyes.

“You idiot! What possessed you to go out and gallivant outside with Sannier’s son? Look what’s happened. A freaking god is out to eat everyone and, and, and, AHHH!” She shook her a few more times for good measure.

Sannier emerged out from behind Ginger and Silverskin cringed.

“Please pray for me, Alastair. I think I might be dead soon,” the elf requested.

“If not now, then when the Lake God gets you!” Sannier barked. “I wish I could take my time scolding you, but I have a responsibility to save the people here. Go with Adriei and Agile. I’ll find the sub-queen.”

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