Day 75

**I decided that I needed to introduce sub-queen Faeley a bit better. This next section will take place when the company is sharing dinner with Sannier and Silverskin. Day 76 will return to where we last left off on Day 74**

“Who is sub-queen Faeley?” Gabbie asked.

“Better yet, what the heck is a sub-queen?”

“Sub-queens are charged with looking after a certain population of peoples. They are given funds and materials to take care of their people and in return they are pledged to our Queen Inana,” said Agile. They scooped some food into their mouth and chewed. “There are thirteen sub-queens in Soielle.”

“Oh! Sub-queens are like yarls.” Ginger nodded as if she confirmed something she already knew. Alastair and Lila stared at her in confusion. “What? I play some games that cover this stuff. Yarls then have thanes to carry out protecting their people. Sannier and her husband are like thanes.”

“Very true. We help the elves of Rockestel safe. There are magic warriors like me and battle warriors like my husband.”

“What’s your husband’s name?” Zane asked between bites of food.

“Throdar!” Silverskin said before his mother could open her mouth. “Anyway, you guys must have been holed up somewhere in the corner of Soielle to not know what sub-queens are.”

“They’ve never met one is all,” Tipper said for the children.

“The kids are with us,” Digitalis added. “Glue Pot, the kids, and me—we all lost our villages. Tipper and Perceval are our guards.”

Sannier, Agile, and Adriei eyed the beaten up and exhausted Tipper with the equally burnt out Perceval.

“Looks like they did their jobs,” Sannier muttered.

“So who is sub-queen Faeley anyway? We got off topic,” Digitalis asked. She ignored the pointed looks of her companions who still remembered her uncanny ability to stay off topic for hours.

“Sub-queen Faeley is our savior,” Sannier began. “She was born to a wicked father who only wished for power. He planned to sell Faeley off as a bride to further his hold over the elven tribes, but she freed herself from his clutches and overthrew him. Sub-queen Faeley then fought a five year battle to reclaim Rockestel elves from labor camps. I was one of those she saved.” Sannier smiled and sipped from her drink. “She lost her right arm in the battle, but she never lost her spirit. She vowed to keep the Rockestel elves from harm and she meant it.”

“Sub-queen Faeley pledged her alligence to Queen Inana to solidify her title and keep enemies away,” Agile said. “Everyone knows that if you mess with Queen Inana’s people, you have no hope of living.”

“Wow!” Ginger exclaimed. “Faeley is so cool! I can’t wait to meet her tomorrow.”

“Is Faeley married? Are there sub-princes and sub-princesses?” Lila asked with stars in her eyes.

“No,” Sannier replied in a flat voice. “Her man Keir perished in the war fifty tears ago.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Lila bowed her head.

“Dear child, there’s no need to apologize. Our sub-queen Faeley is a strong woman. She has her people to care for, and that’s all she really needs.” Sannier smiled at Lila.

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