Day 77

There were the far-away cries of elf’s and their families, holed up into their own rooms to wait out the storm. A faint sound of rock crashing against rock vibrated down the warren. The children gulped in unison. Not rock against rock, but an oversized fist against a wall. Was the Lake God attempting to break down the rock wall sub-queen Faeley constructed? More crashing and more earthquakes tumbling and rumbling one after another. Perceval curled up on Lila’s lap, and she had not realized that she was stroking his tawny fur until hours later. Tipper and Digitalis sat shoulder to shoulder, whispering something to one another no one else could hear. Zane sat crossed legged sketching away in his book. He bit his lip, trying to keep the terrifying sounds out from his head.

“It’s my fault, isn’t it?” Silverskin muttered.

“No, it’s not. Weren’t the stories about the Lake God suppose to be just stories? How would we know?” Gabbie insisted. Her fingers brushed his shoulder in reassurance.

“What are you talking about?” Ginger asked after she sat down next to the two whispering friends.

“The Lake God. He wasn’t supposed to be real,” Gabbie said.

“You out of all the people I know, would be the last to think that something didn’t exist. Remember that one time you convinced me that a ghost lived under my bed? I couldn’t put my feet on the floor until morning because you said the ghost fed on the dark. What was worse was that you actually believed what you said!”

“Why wouldn’t she?” Asked Silverskin. “Ghosts are real.”

“Woah, for really real?” Gabbie gasped.

“I can’t win here,” Ginger said. She leaned back against the blue wall and pulled out her cell phone. It was useless without Wifi or a change. She examine the blank screen of the phone and the bright green phone case that matched her sister’s braces. “Ghosts. Lake Gods. Magic. It’s all over my head. This kind of stuff is meant for video games. Fantasy. Not real.” Ginger put her head in her hands. “Now there’s a monster trying to knock down a magic wall like from an anime! I can’t do this!”

Gabbie reached out to hug her sister but something told her to leave Ginger be. Ginger wasn’t one to take somebody’s pity. A hug right now would feel exactly like that.

A terrible shout woven of despair and pain shouted out like a cannon fire. The sudden giant’s voice caused everyone to stand up, ready to face whatever would happen next. The call bellowed out once more, and the company realized that no elf, human, guard, Lived Being, Kitsune, or centaur voice could ever match the terror and agony this one drove into them.

“DAAAAANGER!!!” The Lake God moaned. “DAAAN-GGEEER!!!”

“What?” Alastair asked the room. “What does it mean by that?”

“I don’t know. I can’t understand what it’s saying,” Digitalis said.

“Do you?” Glue Pot wondered.

“Yeah, it’s saying danger,” Zane offered. He covered his mouth a second too late. Only human could understand all languages on Soielle and he just blew their cover in front of Silverskin, Digitalis, and Glue Pot.

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