Day 78

“DAAAAAANGE…” The Lake God’s abrupt end to what seemed to be his mantra made the company shiver. What happened? Was the Lake God defeated? Did it break through the rock wall to begin cracking open the mountain? What was going on?

The company sat again in silence. No one looked at each other. Everything now felt like defeat.

“We may have to go before your mother gets back,” Tipper told Silverskin.

“And why’s that?” The young elf questioned.

“As you may have guessed, my charges aren’t just half humans. Their full blooded creatures of Earth.” Tipper paused to let that sink in. No one seemed to be surprised and he nodded solemnly. “Once everything dies down, your sub-queen might not want to have us around. Humans as you know aren’t exactly welcomed, and the fact that a long sleeping Lake God just so happened to wake up after a millennia when Gabbie got feet away from the lake, well…you can connect the dots, there.”

“You think Gabbie woke that monster up?” Ginger moaned.

“I’m not certain, but it’s best to leave before sub-queen Faeley jumps to the same conclusion I have.”

“Dear Kitsune, I am afraid that you are too late,” a melodic rumble echoed into the blue room. Tipper’s fox ears flattened to his his head and his tail twitched with agitation.

“Ah, sub-queen Faeley,” Tipper said. His tone remained calm and even, similar to how he treated the Elder. “What an honor to at least our host.”

“Save the theatrics, Kitsune.” Sub-queen Faeley strode into the room not like a queen, but as a warrior who had just scented fresh blood. Her vivid eyes landed on Alastair and the back of his neck prickled in admiration and fear. The sub-queen was still dressed from head to toe in battle armor, and now that she was closer, Alastair could feel her power pooling off of her in waves. The Royal Guards, Sannier, and another elf followed behind the sub-queen. The male elf next to Sannier must be her husband. He had the same silver skin as his son.

“Humans in my domain,” the sub-queen tsked. Her manner was soft, like a coiled up cat ready to strike with sharpened claws. “I never thought I would see humans again after the our Queen Inana’s father gave his life to banish them.” Faeley set her blazing attentions onto each of the five human children. She was short, but the way she looked down on them made her even taller than she was. “And see how much destruction they have already caused. The batals have gone insane and the Lake God collapsing our mountain before resting once more in its lake.”

“The mountain is gone!?” Silverskin squeaked. He stood straight when the sub-queen shot him an icy stare.

“Yes. The home of many a rock elf for hundreds of years—gone.”

“No,” Gabbie moaned.

“Yes, and your fox friend was correct in assuming my calculated conclusions. Although we brought you into our home from the rage of the batals, I can no longer accept your presence.”

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