Day 80

“If anyone can send you home, she’s the one to do it.” Faeley pulled out a strip of jerky from on pouch tied onto her belt. She bit into the hard meat and chewed. Loudly. The Royal Guard tried to cover their chuckles.

“And magic. The Elder said something about that, too. She can figure out what we can do?” Questioned Alastair.

“Inana is the Queen for a reason.” Faeley finished her piece of meat and wiped her hands on her pants. She then withdrew a pad of paper and a writing utensil from the same pouch she pulled out the piece of meat. The sub-queen scribbled away at the paper. “I saw what you two children did at the battle front. Manipulating time and matter. That’s a special case of magic, there. I haven’t heard of anyone wielding such power in hundreds of years. Queen Inana may be able to teach you how to better to control that.”
“We won’t need to know when we get home,” said Ginger.

“True. But have you not heard of the human saying? It’s better to be safe than to be sorry?” Subqueen Faeley stood and rolled her shoulders. The stump of her right arm caught the faint blue light bouncing off of the wall’s stones. The children nearly forgot that the sub-queen only had one arm. She moved with a grace and strength that most people with two arms did even possess. Faeley had already returned her pad of paper and writing utensil back into her pouch. She had torn out the page she was writing in and folded the piece in two. The sub-queen walked over to Silverskin and placed the paper into the boy’s hand.

“Give this to Queen Inana, Silverskin. Do not lose it. I’m untrusting this duty to you and you alone.”

“Y-you can count on me!” Silverskin bowed repeatedly.

“Enough of that. You hold your head high and strong.”

“Shall we accompany them, my lady?” Agile asked. “Or would you like us to stay and help rebuild? We were sent here to help and investigate, and I believe our aid would be more beneficial than our absence.”

“You are correct, Agile. There’s no sense in sending all of you.” The sub-queen smiled at Agile and Adriei and the two Royal Guards smiled back. “I appreciate your aid. Because you will not accompany our guests outside, could you please relate what they may face on the way to our Queen?”

“Yes!” Adriei shouted. “Oh, yes,” the guard said a little softer after sub-queen Faeley widened her eyes from the guard’s loudness. “You’re going into a rough territory.” The Royal Guard made sure that they were letting each and everyone know about the seriousness of the situation. “Judging by the batals, the Lake God, and the disappearances, Soielle is no longer a safe place. Where you’re venturing into wasn’t safe to begin with.”

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