Day 81

“Would it be asking too much to go to a place filled with candy, rainbows, and unicorns?” Zane asked as if he was half hoping there was an actual location that would fulfill those specifications.

“Unicorns?” Glue Pot stamped his foot in agitation. “Those pompous know-it-alls? Why do you want to meet them?” The centaur crossed his arms and it looked like he wanted to hold his bow tightly in his hands. He did not give onto temptation and settled with looking peeved.

“I’m not surprised. What, are unicorns jerks in this world or something,” Ginger sighed. She threw up her hands in defeat and shook her head. Her short brown hair became disheveled from her vehemence.

“Unicorns are!” Glue Pot started.

“Shh! Adriei was in the middle of speaking!” Digitalis smacked Glue Pot’s side.

Glue Pot bit his tongue and was unusually upset over not having the chance to speak. He was normally happy to be quiet and shy. No one understood what had him riled up, and they wouldn’t have the chance to ask again until some time later.

“Ahem,” Adriei coughed into their hand. “As I was saying. You’re traipsing into doubly dangerous territory. When Agile and myself came to Rockestel, we encountered Bull Fists along the way. That was a few weeks ago. The Bull Fists could have multiplied since then.”

“Bull Fists,” Perceval wearily said. “Did you see a litter or just a couple?”

“A litter.”

“Holy Matron,” the tiny fox yelped.

“That’s why I’m supplying you with a bit more than just food provisions,” said sub-queen Faeley. As if on cue, Sannier and her husband returned with ten pouches. Behind them were some magics Rock Bits carrying other items the group couldn’t see. The two elves distributed the goods. They then procured items the children had never seen up close. “You two. The twins. Come here.” Faeley gestured towards Ginger and Gabbie. Gabbie came when she was called and waved over Ginger.

Sub-queen Faeley took two black boxes from Sannier’s husband. She opened the boxes one at a time to reveal ten neatly lined throwing knives. They were light, and most of all, sharpened to wicked points.

“These are yours. You’re both strong enough to use your upper bodies and throw these. Practice with them fist or die trying them with a Bull Fist. Understand?”

“Alright. Umm, thank you.” Gabbie took her box with a flabbergasted grin, replaced the lid on the top, and held the box to her chest as if it had become her heart.

“Thanks,” Ginger said under her breath. Before she could fully take the box, sub-queen Faeley pulled her and the box close. The sub-queen, who was as tall as Ginger, leaned over and whispered something into the girl’s ear. Ginger staggered back, the box now in her hands. Faeley quirked an eyebrow at the girl and then waved her off. She was ready to give out more items the children had never used or held in their hands to fight off monsters that were well practiced in slicing and skewing with their claws and teeth.

Lila was given a light, silver stiletto. Faeley claimed that with how small the girl was, she could be fast enough to dance around an enemy, weakening the target with quick, lightning fast strikes. Lila sheathed her new weapon rather clumsily.

Zane received a bow and quiver of arrows. Glue Pot danced around, claimed that he could teach the boy all he knew about using the weapon.

“That’s cool. I’ve wanted to be a Young Adult heroine,” said Zane with good humor. He gave the others a lopsided grin that he thought would cheer everyone up. They only saw an uneasy child given a heavy burden.

Alastair held out his hand to take a small sword.

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