Plans So Far

Alright! So I’ve almost hit the 45k mark in this adventure of 500 Words a Day! Whew. Sometimes I get so frustrated that all I can do is write little bits a day. Then again, when I write willy nilly, I get to at least 20k in one to two weeks, and then get tired of what I’m writing about. 500 Words a Day gives me no choice but to draw the story out.

Anyway, the point of this Drabble is to explain where I think I’m going with this story.

My buddies haven’t even made it to the dang Queen yet. That’s where I wanted them to be 20k ago! So, I always thought this would be a one book thing. I. Was. Wrong. I’m thinking either a two or three book ordeal, here. I have a great place to end everything for the first book. (Oh gosh, first book. Wow.) I think the first draft may end around 80k. Or 90k. Geeze, I don’t know. Maybe another two or three months. Then I’ll start editing the entire manuscript. There’s a lot that I haven’t really full described, some people I wanted to explain a bit better, and some fairly obvious writing flaws I have.

Have you noticed that I like the words; glitter, glimmer, gasp, sighed, ground, growl, dirt, and so on?

I do! I’ve noticed! But really, this is my crazy super rough draft. Right now my goal is just to get the story done. Still, I get angry with myself for falling back on these words. Why do I like shiny things? Why are the characters always gasping? Are they out of breath? And what is my obsession with the ground? It’s like the characters are standing on it all the time or something…

Anyway, just wanted to update everyone. You’ll have me for another few months or so with this book. After this one is done, I’m starting on the next! Whew! New Years Resolutions CAN keep going after January! It’s a miracle! (What’s with the exclamation marks here?)

You guys are the best. Thanks for reading my stuff!

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