10/10 Would Dream Again

Okay, so I know that this post isn’t about writing. But you know how something happens that’s so nice that you just have to talk about it?

…yes, I’m prefacing a dream like this. So what? My life is in a constant Sisyphus state that even a wonderful dream will keep me happy for the day. Especially since I can’t control my dreams. (Can you? I bet that’s fun.)

Alright. Here’s the nitty gritty.

https://youtu.be/4lVKlHCd4_g.  (Pairs well with what you’re about to read, eyebrow waggle.)

In my dream, my mom has invited me out to a concert. It’s not a big concert, but one of the kind that can fit in the back of a bar. It’s close quarters. I initially didn’t want to go. I’m usually introverted and I would have rather spent time with my mom watching a movie.

“You’ll have a good time,” she assures me. She gives me a close mouthed smile and brushes her short brown hair away from her face. “I think you’ll like the singer and guitarist.”

So I take the bait. I haven’t gone to a concert with my mom since 2011 where we went to Pennsylvania to see Apocolyptica. Why not go to a concert with her in my hometown up in the Midwest?

I agree and we both go to the concert. There are a lot of people packed inside such a tight space. The lights are dimmed and there are purple Christmas lights hung up in the corners of the room. About five people are walking around with trays serving beverages. I take one and decide to walk around before the concert begins.

While drinking something fruity, maybe a strawberry daiquiri, I spot some people in the corner of the bar just talking. One of them is a man with black hair slicked back and piercing green eyes. I feel my heart jump into my throat and my feet turn to ice. He’s familiar, but I refuse to believe that such a famous person would be in a bar up in Illinois. That would be ridiculous. Still, I stare at the man like he’s a juicy steak filet.

Before he can look up, and before I can make a fool of myself gawking like a loonatic, I leave to find my mom. She’s in the front row of seats facing the stage. My mom pats the seat next to her.

“I saved a space for you.”

“Thanks,” I say. I’m still a little flustered from seeing the handsome man. I can feel my hands tingles and my heart still beating fast. I can’t help but feel starstruck, but I shouldn’t. It can’t possibly be HIM.

My mom and I talk a bit before the show starts. I finish my drink and feel the slight buzz it makes between my eyes, I feel a little nervous now, like I’m anticipating something huge. My palms are sweating and my head is somewhere up in the stratosphere. I just want the concert to start so I can go home and sleep whatever this is off.

The purple Christmas lights flutter and go out. The stage glows with soft white light while a sprinkling of fog rises from the floorboards. Someone on the drums begins to start threads of an andante. A keyboard taps out a couple notes while a bassist strums triplet notes. I feel at ease. I used to play the violin and the familiarity of music soon settles my nerves. There was nothing to worry about.

And then the singer strides on stage with his guitar strapped around his torso.

“Thank you all for coming here tonight,” he says in a lilting British tenor. “I hope you enjoy the music today and have a wonderful time enjoying yourselves. I myself have a lovely time in town. Let me return the favor.”

He sings such a sweet melody that tears immediatly crease my eyes. I know that I am holding my breath, but I don’t bother fighting my reaction.

On the stage in front of me—just five feet away—was Tom Hiddleston.

Let me tell you, I have had such a crush on this guy. Ever since I saw him in Thor back in 2011, I have been in celebrity love. I’ve followed every project he does and can’t seem to come clean from him.

Now he is in my dream, singing such a lovely melody, while swaying his hips to the beat. I can feel my usual reaction to celebrities bleed out from my every pore. I get so starstruck that I can’t think. He’s right there. He. Is. Right. There. I want to cry from the joy of seeing one of the people I respect the most up close.

And that’s the rest of the dream. The echo of music as my favorite actor engages the crowd.

I wish I could have a dream like this again!

Anyway, I hoped you enjoyed one of my most favorite dreams with me. I usually have a dream every night, but this one stuck out with the lights, smells, sounds, and dialogue. You’d think I can manipulate this while in my dream, but I can’t. I’m just in for the ride every night for better or worse.

Tell me if you liked reading this. Maybe I’ll do another dream. It’ll give me more first person present tense practice.

Until tomorrow!

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