Day 88

“Tell us a story about Earth,” Digitalis called out as if to break the heavy atmosphere with a mallet.

“Could Lived Beings go to Earth?” Lila pondered.

“No, we couldn’t,” Digitalis grumbled. She brushed some of her pretty hair from her eyes. “Having lived so long, it’s unfair that we couldn’t go to another world and see new things. I’ve told you before, we’re so bored that we have a holiday everyday. Speaking of.” Digitalis snapped her fingers. “Maybe that’s why I wanted a story! Today is Tell Fun Stories Day!”

“What an inspiring name,” Zane said with no humor.

“You do what you gotta do,” Digitalis huffed.

“Well,” Gabbie started. She was great at stories. Almost as great as Digitalis. “First off, there’s no magic.”

“That’s not necessarily true,” Perceval butted in. “There’s magic on Earth. Earth just has so many people on it that the magic is absorbed so quickly! That’s why when we Soiellians traveled there, we were stripped down to our baser forms.” Perceval licked his front paw. “There are more factors, but I won’t get into them now.”

“Why did you go to Earth in the first place?” Gabbie asked.

Perceval’s ears went back. His four eyes shimmered as if caught in his very own flashback. His chest heaved, and if foxes to could, he seemed to be very close to doing so.

“We haven’t told a story about Earth yet,” Lila reminded everyone. She saw Perceval give her his foxy grin in thanks. Lila knew that he wasn’t ready to share his past traumas. Not yet. Maybe never. The choice was his.

“Okay, so there’s some magic,” Gabbie agreed. “But we have so little of it, it’s hard to recognize. Instead, we made our own sort of magic. Electricity and later, the internet.”

“The inter-what?” Glue Pot mumbled.

“Why’d you bring that up? Do you even know how to explain what the internet is?” Ginger groaned.

“I’ll explain it,” Alastair offered. He told the the Soiellians about the internet, its benefits, and drawbacks. He talked about phones, cars, airplanes, and trains. He was very glad that he paid attention in History class not only for the good grades he got on his tests, but for the ability to relay all he learned here.

“That’s enough about Earth,” Zane said. “I’m getting homesick.”

“What about the Seven Isles?” Silverskin asked. “I haven’t been there before. I heard its beauty rivals that of Mythandral.”

“Oh it does!” Glue Pot swooned. “Although, I think I’m biased.” The centaur crossed his arms with a look of longing pasted on his face. “The sky turns a light tulquat when you get closer to the ocean. There’s so many song-baileys singing away in full sonatas. I can hear them now.” Glue Pot closed his eyes and hummed a pleasant tune. “Each island had one communal inn where we could feel free to visit or leave at any time. There was more permanent housing with land property scattered along the perimeter of the islands, but we lot love company.”

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